The UnOfficial Pepe Trevor Site

                                                             THE UNOFFICIAL PEPE TREVOR WEBSITE

Welcome To The Brand New Look UnOfficial Pepe Trevor Website!!  


Pepe Trevor is probably best known for her role in the cult Australian soap Prisoner:cell block H playing streetwise Lexie Patterson. There are so many sites dedicated to her role as Lexie and why not! She had to be one of the best characters in the show. But there is more to Pepe than one role. She has starred in countless amounts of Australian soaps & movies. She has directed and (following in her late mothers footsteps) produced too. She has also written two fantastic Novels (under the name Penelope Trevor)


It has taken me years to  find out anything on Pepe - so I decided to make this site full of everything you could want to know about her plus lots of other cool stuff.

Please note this is a unofficial site! I am not Pepe Trevor, Pepe Trevors publishers, Pepe Trevors Managers or in any other way connected to PePE.

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